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Document storage

Current legislation obliges companies to store and retain documents for a certain length of time. At Ara Vinc we have the qualified staff and the necessary space to store documentation with the required security and confidentiality, ensuring that you comply with current laws.

ARA VINC manages integrally the files and documents of our customers. This management ranges from storage and auxiliary services, to file consulting and certified document destruction.

Ara Vinc has the most up to date technological means and facilities of its sector, allowing us to guarantee the highest level of service. The philosophy we apply to our work in Ara Vinc means we conduct our business activities with the highest level of service, guaranteeing our clients maximum confidence when it comes to storing and managing their data archives.

Ara Vinc guarantees complete confidentiality at all times, and complies with the current legislation regarding data protection, Ley Orgánica 15/99 de 13 de Diciembre de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (B.O.E. nº 298 de 14/12/1999) y legislación concordante.

We provide complete solutions to our clients:
We help you catalogue, index and handle your data archives, improve the space taken up by archives, establish efficient ways to control production of documents and in general organic and improve your work methods.

Services involving document storage and management:

    • Organization of files
    • Document consultancy
    • Management and storage of documents
    • Confidential and certified destruction
    • Scanning and indexing of documents
    • Media storage
    • On-line data backup management
    • Document storage software


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