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Confidential destruction

This service guarantees the confidential destruction and recycling of those documents which no longer need to be stored, complying with current, compulsory legislation regarding document retentions. LOPD  and Waste management .

Our confidential destruction is carried out under the strictest controls so as to guarantee the safety, efficiency and confidentiality of the process. It comprises of the following steps:

  • We provide our clients with the boxes and metal bins in which to deposit the documents for destruction.
    • Collection and replacement upon request or at a fixed frequency. The documents are stored safely until the moment of their shredding. All operations involving collecting, loading and unloading of documents, as well as driving of transport vehicles are carried out by Ara Vinc"s personnel.
    • Certified destruction of the documentation. Destruction is immediate and renders impossible the reconstruction of the documents or the recovery of any information contained within.
    • All materials destroyed by Ara Vinc are taken to recycling and treatment plants, thus assuring the environmental sustainability of this activity.
    • We provide a certificate of destruction and recycling in accordance with present legislation regarding data protection and environmental protection.

Option of confidential, on-site destruction

Ara Vinc has developed a system for carrying out confidential document destruction at the client"s premises. We bring the necessary equipment, set it up and afterwards take it away. This way our clients can supervise the process in person.

Security levels in document destruction

Destruction of personal data is managed in accordance with the DIN32757 scale, which defines 5 levels of security and the corresponding standards of both technology and personnel required to carry out the process. The size of the shred bears direct relation to the sensitivity of the document, so the more confidential the document the smaller it must be shredded.

Security level 1  
For all types of document. Shred size 11x40mm.
Security level 2 
Internal documents, financial information. Shred size 6x40mm.
Security level 3 
Personal and confidential documents. Shred size 4x30mm.
Security level 4 
Very sensitive information. Shred size 2x15mm
Security level 5 
Top secret and classified documents. Impossible to reconstruct. Shred size 0,8x12mm

The process of document destruction is carried out in accordance with current laws on data protection and non-hazardous waste disposal:

    • Ley 15.1999 - Protección de datos personales.
    • RD 994.1999 - Tratamiento de ficheros automatizados.
    • Ley 10.1998, de 21 de Abril de Residuos.
    • Directiva 95.46.CE del Parlamento Europeo.
    • Decisión 160072002, del Parlamento Europeo, de 22 de julio de 2002, en Materia Medioambiental.
    • Real Decreto 1720/2007, de 21 de Diciembre de 2007.
    • AEPD - Derechos de Menores.
    • AEPD - Guia de Seguridad de datos 2008.

The prices shown following are approximate:

Los precios mostrados a continuación son orientativos.

Type of service  
50 litre cardboard bin (includes delivery, collection, destruction and certificate of destruction) from 15 € + Vat per month More information

For other types of bins, sizes and frequency ask for information at

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