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National Courier

Ara Vinc is part of an integrated parcel delivery network with more than 350 delegations all over Spain, providing computer tracking of packages and digital delivery receipts.

Types of nationwide courier services:

Urgent courier service with delivery before 10am.
Overland service with delivery before 2pm.
Courier service with delivery before 7pm on the day following request.
Delivery within 24 to 48 hours following request. Up to 30% discount on regular deliveries with this service.
Service available for a specified number of consignments, with delivery within 24 to 72 hours following request.


The prices shown following are approximate.

Consult Ara Vinc"s prices for National Courier.

Type of service Zone B
Urgent service (up to 2kg) from 12 € +IVA More information
Semi-urgent service (up to 2kg) from 10 € +IVA More information
Express service (up to 2kg) from 9 € +IVA More information

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