RSC - Ara Vinc S.L.

Corporate social responsibility

In Ara Vinc we believe in business strategies that encourage social cohesion and integration, through action in areas such as permanent learning, organization of work, compatibility with family life, equal opportunities, social integration and sustainable development.

Labour Integration Plan

Integration into the workplace of groups at risk of social exclusion is one of the priorities of our commitment towards society.

For this reason we are open to:

  • Foundations: Exit.
  • Labour insertion companies: Andròmines.
  • Associations offering social help: Proyecto Hombre, Trini Joven.
  • Special work centres.

Plan for effective equal opportunities between men and women

In Ara Vinc we have established a voluntary equality plan with the aim of guaranteeing the same treatment and the same opportunities to all people regardless of their sex.

Collaboration with non-government organisations

Ara Vinc confirms its commitment to solidarity in the fields of health, human rights, integration and cooperation by collaborating with the following organisations.